Maine Black Bear Taxidermy
Whitetail Albino Fawn
Custom Maine Black Bear Mount
Quebec Black Bear Caribou

Welcome to the Top of the World!  

As a wildlife artist, we respect wildlife and strive to recreate nature in its truest sense.  Our passion is bring your trophy alive in its natural state.

 See our "About Us" section on where came from and how we got into the wildlife artistry field.  It's a unique journey we'd like to share with you.

Our  reward comes each time you recieve a quality touch and timely return of your trophy.  If you're planning an adventure, give us a call so we can assure your mount is handled properly for you.

Enjoy the outdoors, respect nature and show the experience to the next generation for them to enjoy.

  Thank you for visiting us and feel free to email us on your next adventure.

Ray Bryant
Wildlife Artist


Maine Black Bear Life Size Taxidermy
Maine Whitetail Taxidermy Life Size
Maine Black Bear Taxidermy Cub
Maine Black Bear Taxidermy
Maine Black Bear Taxidermy